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I hereby agree that ALPHA SECURITY AND ALARMS (PTY) LTD and its authorized personnel shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from break-in, theft or power failures at the said premises and all cost arising from replacement of glass or repairs.

I accept that Alpha Security and Alarms does not look after any pets, nor supply any pet food whilst I am on holiday.

Alpha Security and Alarms cannot be held liable for any loss of any kind due to electrical failure, and it is not the responsibility of alpha security and Alarms to ensure that my power is on.

I will appoint a keyholder and supply Alpha Security and Alarms with their contact details in case of an emergency.  The keyholder will ensure that the electricity is on and that my pets are fed throughout my absence.

By submitting this form electronically or manually, I accept all terms and conditions set out above.



You must comply with the following:

  • Secure all windows.
  • Lock all doors, including garden shed, sliding doors, etc.
  • Chain all gates – Leave the key with your “Keyholder”.
  • Cancell all newspapers, milk deliveries, etc.
  • Lock away all lawnmowers, garden tools and garden furniture.
  • One Premises Check will be done every 24 Hours.

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