About Us

Brief History

It seems such a short period of time and yet its 35 years ago that Alpha Security & Alarms was “birthed” back in 1986. This was in reaction to the consumers need for more than just a guard with a dog, which at the time was the security industry’s response to crime. Shockingly, we now all concede that crime has become a harsh reminder of our daily existence.

The company was established by the owner Mr. Piet Moolman in August 1986.His vision was to provide a comprehensive security package in a format that will suit the client in terms of security and finances. Piet has always emphasized the aspect of quality above rapid expansion. Early days were humble and during December 1986 Piet remembers monitoring 2 clients for R 90-00.


Steve Dalgety joined Piet in 1995. Piet and Eileen are still the main shareholders of the Company, and have since 1996 introduced Steve Dalgety as a minor shareholder. Steve is the sales and marketing director.


The company has like many other companies’ had its up and downs over the years, however some of the company’s highlights and achievements was to be nominated a number of times as finalists’ in the prestige’s Business of the Year Awards, which the company won twice.

Mission Statement

To provide our customers an effective and comprehensive security solution in one location by: Educating and advising the consumer during the purchase of comprehensive security solutions to protect themselves and their valuables against crime.

Installing our integrated security solutions efficiently and professionally.

Providing a professional and fast 24 hour alarm and data verification (CCTV) monitoring service.

Supporting and backing up the information/data received at the emergency control room with a rapid response armed reaction unit, and a medical emergency vehicle is available if required after an incident.

Providing 24 hour emergency technical support as backup.


Our primary objective is to reduce crime in area of operation, in particular to Alpha Security clients.

We view it our duty to advise consumers of inferior products and/or “fly-by-night” security companies, to protect consumers against malpractices, and assist in the education of consumers in security related matters.

The company participates in many crime prevention programs facilitated by the South African Police Services.

Current Situation

The company currently employs 62 staff members and is presently a multi-disciplinary company which we will cover at a later stage.

We have in the region of 3000 clients and 8 response vehicles per shift day and night.

The installation company has two installation teams and two service technicians.

There is always a standby technician available to assist in emergencies.