Area of Operation

The core business is operated in the Kempton Park district. Due to request from satisfied clients in the Kempton Park and Benoni/Pomona and Bredell areas Alpha Security has extended its area of operation.

The philosophy is not to go beyond these areas at this stage as Piet is convinced that the Company will not be able to provide the fast and efficient service they do currently. By operating in this area, and saturating it, price increases are kept to the absolute minimum.

It will give you peace of mind, knowing we are offering low prices from a company which is financially stable and sound.

The company has over the years experienced fundamental changes in the way it responds to the community of Kempton Park and surrounding areas.

Although the armed reaction service has remained largely unchanged there are changes in the approach to assist the consumer. Unfortunately, due to the many challenges that the country is facing, namely the cost of petrol, the constant threat of electricity outages and the impact that has on congestion of our roads and robots, makes response times extremely difficult.

Two areas stand out as security companies attempt to respond to the challenge of crime in our fragile society.

Two areas stand out as security companies attempt to respond to the challenge of crime in our fragile society.

These are: The installation of sophisticated CCTV cameras and networks to assist in the verification of (off-site) recorded data that endeavours to identify “the” perpetrator of crime.

These acts of criminality are often executed with military precision and criminals are aware of security companies that will react to these incidents. The criminal is aware and understands that time is of the essence and that they must go in and out of a building as quickly as possible. Unfortunately in many instances consumers are often purchasing under specification quality cameras and this undermines the process of verification after the incident.

The directors at Alpha Security and Alarms are of the opinion that if we could identify these “reoccurring” acts of criminality we would reduce the cycle of crime. Alpha Security & Alarms has for the past year and is offering a rental NVR (A network video recorder records IP cameras that are transmitted via a network cable) to customers that already have cameras.

Naturally, there are T’s and C’s but call us and we will be happy to consult with you regarding the best route to follow. Your contact is talk to us

The second change is that crime often brings violence and injury to the consumer and to assist our client base Alpha Security & Alarms offers a medical response to its customers at no additional charge.

This medical response unit is fully equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure that qualified “ANA” (Intermediate Life Support) is able to assist in any medical emergency. As an Alpha Security (Monitoring & Armed Response) client you can activate this response unit by simply pressing your “PANIC” button and requesting medical assistance.

This service is at no extra cost and can be used by anyone in the family. Once the “ANA” has stabilized the patient and a FEMS ambulance has arrived, the patient may be transported to the nearest hospital as per the patients’ medical aid or personal request.

The cost of the ambulance will be between the ambulance service and the patient; Alpha Security does not supply nor is liable for (free) medical transport.

Other Essential Services

Rapid Response and Armed Reaction


Off-Site Video Data Verification


Risk Assessment and Free Quotations

Approved Alarm System Installations

Alarm System Servicing & Fault Finding

Breakdown Standby Assistance

Holiday Premises

Pet Poisoning

Rendezvous Service (by strict arrangement)

The Alpha
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The Alpha Security Emergency Control Centre is manned by 2 controllers 24/7.
The main purpose of the Controllers is to maximise response times to meet the demand from our client base.

There are three workstations on the workbench and a Satellite tracking system to locate and dispatch reaction vehicles.
One controller is responsible for radio communication to the vehicles and the other attends to the incoming and outgoing telephone calls. Alpha Security complies with the SAIDSA By-Law 25 specifications.

The Emergency control room includes CCTV Monitors that enables the Controllers to monitor data verification activities at a customer’s premises remotely. All our response vehicles have live vehicle tracking, to ensure rapid armed response to any situation.

The emergency control room is capable of sending SMS messages (paying service) to clients informing them of alarm arming and power fail situations. We are also capable to monitor opening and closing times to ensure that key holders actually arm or disarm the systems at the correct times (business only).

They are linked to all emergency services as well as a Chaplain for counselling purposes.