Alpha Security Response unit consists of three departments


Medical Response Unit

Armed Reaction Unit

Alarm & CCTV  Monitoring Centre

Fully Equipped Medical Response Vehicle

Medical Response Unit

This response unit is community driven and is fully equipped with the necessary equipment to ensure that qualified “ANA” (Intermediate Life Support) is able to assist in any medical emergency.

If you are a Alpha Security Monitoring & Armed Response client you can activate this unit by simply pressing your “PANIC” button and requesting medical assistance, This service is at no extra cost and can be used by anyone in the family. Once the “ANA” has stabilized the patient and the ambulance has arrived, the patient will be transported to the nearest hospital as per the patients Medical aid or personal request.

The Cost of the Ambulance will be between the Ambulance service and the patient, Alpha Security does not supply free medical transport.

If you do not belong to the Alpha Security Monitoring & Armed Response service but would like to utilize this service for your home, school, business, old age home, shopping centre, you can install a “Medical Response Pack” at a low cost of R 50.00 a month including VAT.

Contact for more information.

Fully Equipped Armed Response Vehicle

Armed Response Unit

This unit consists of 24 Response officers and 16 Response vehicles that caters for all the response needs that our clients use on a daily basis, these services includes:

  • Patrol Service
  • Breakdown Standby Assistance
  • Rapid Reaction
  • Rendezvous Service
  • Off-Site Video Verification
  • Alarms Installations
  • Alarm System servicing and fault finding
  • Holiday Premises checks
  • “CPP” Crime Prevention Program

Alarm & CCTV  Monitoring Centre

The Monitoring Centre is Equipped to deal with the following systems:

  • DSC/Paradox/IDS and lots more panels, Alarm RF Radio Frequency monitoring
  • DSC Neo Passive Video verification (Neo Video Passive sends a video clip to the control centre to verify the reason for the alarm)
  • VideoFied Video Verification (VideoFied Passive sends a video clip to the control centre to verify the reason for the alarm)
  • HikVision CCTV Video verification system
  • Dahua (GDMSS) CCTV video verification system
  • Live vehicle tracking, to ensure speedy response to any situation
  • Sending SMS to clients informing them of alarm arming and powerfail situation
  • Monitoring of open an close times to ensure that key holders arm or disarm the systems at the correct times.
  • Monitoring of Medical emergency panics to dispatch the Alpha/FEMS medical units