R99 Monitoring

You can make the choice !!! Armed response is available to all clients within our area of response at a small cost per response upon request

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CCTV Remote Monitoring

When an alarm signal is received Alpha Security can dial into your site cameras and do a visual observation within seconds, thus making the response time of the SAPS and armed Response Officer shorter, because they would already know that there is a problem, SAPS do not want to deal with false signals. The SAPS would....................

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Use your cell to arm and disarm your alarm system

In our constant drive to keep our customers abreast with the new Technology, we have introduced a new product to the market.

This "Ease Of Access" Unit will allow you to "Arm", "Disarm", "View Events", "Bypass Zones" from a remote location via your..................

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Owner/Keyholder Responsibility

Dear Client

During the last few weeks, frightening information and statistics has been made available and published in the media. It is imperative that we, “Your Security provider of choice”, share this information with you.

Firstly, we are all aware that there is a total onslaught by criminals, perpetrating crimes at businesses and residential premises; it is our opinion that this is one of the most serious threats to our society.

To address this wave of criminality Alpha Security & Alarms would like to appeal to our clients to assist and support us in implementing the following protocol and plan. However we have identified the problem as follows;

Problem identification:

The current trend in commercial burglaries and house break-ins is that criminals are entering the premises and immediately damaging or attempting to destroy the alarm panel and keypad or any other device that would send a signal to the Control Centre.

The criminals then vacate the premises and hide away, waiting for the response officer or vehicle to do an external premise check. In many cases the criminals have obtained an entry point that is (often) not visible from an external investigation.

The response officer then confirms all in order and departs, leaving the perpetrators to complete the ransacking and plundering of the client’s premises at their leisure. The criminal is complacent in the knowledge that the alarm system will not communicate (send any signals) or further information to the base and control stations.
The horrified and unsuspecting client will only discover that he has been “cleaned out” once he unlocks the premises the next morning, expecting to do his trade as normal.
Often the owner concludes that the reaction officer did not do a proper premise check and did not execute his duty correctly. This is often untrue, and we will address the remedial action in our plan; suffice to say that security company and client need to improve/enhance their communication and co-operation in the event of an activation.


Alpha Security & Alarms has already increased the number of patrols that vehicles are conducting in our area of operation. This has been an additional expense to the company without compensation from our client base.
In addition, Alpha Security & Alarms has introduced an additional vehicle (at the company’s expense) in Edleen, Van Riebeeck Park and Terenure. The purpose of this vehicle is to assist crime prevention forums (CPF`s). A relatively small number of clients have opted to contribute to this project.
Alpha Security & Alarms is always looking for ways to improve reaction times, to this end, we request each client to help us to reduce the volume of false/accidental alarms that we receive on a daily basis. These accidental activations are often caused by open windows, doors and user error and negligence by the client.
Accidental activations are part of life, however; if you have accidentally activated your alarm, please advise the Control Centre accordingly.
This will not only;

  • Allow vehicles to be despatched for “genuine” activations more rapidly,
  • It will reduce our fuel bill,
  • It will reduce our maintenance bill from driving a massive amount of kilometres without adding value, and
  • Wasting precious time on activations that are not an emergency.

May we also ask clients to report technical “False Alarms” when they are aware that the system is problematic?
It is imperative for clients to note that our control centre is not an information centre neither are the controllers in a position to advise clients whether an area is experiencing load shedding or any other issue.
We are not advised by Eskom and we suggest that clients go to the Ekurhuleni website at http://www.ekurhuleni.gov.za/yourservices/energy/powercuts/loadshedding/schedule
Besides the above, our clients will have to accept that all premises must now be verified externally and internally. This implies that whilst the officer secures the external perimeter the client/key-holder must attend, in person to his/her premises. The reaction officer will then proceed to verify and secure the internal space of the premises.
Unfortunately, this does mean that clients/key-holders must travel to their premises and assist the reaction officer by opening the premises under client supervision, so that the reaction officer can secure the inside of the premises. Verification of circuit activation will be confirmed by the keypad in the presence of the officer and the client/key holder
We realise that this is an inconvenience to our clients but there is no other way to support the reaction officer in the execution of his duties to secure that premises. He cannot confirm from the outside of the building if there has been an unlawful entry and whether the alarm is still functional.
It is also the client’s responsibility to regularly test there alarms systems, please note this should be done in off peak times.
It is important for all clients to note that Alpha Security & Alarms cannot except responsibility or liability for a client`s property if this protocol is not adhered to.

The Alpha Management Team