1 x Takex 90 degree

outdoor passive, including installation, wire and 10m conduit.

installed for only R 2450.00 Incl VAT

(Trenching & conduit will be quoted separatelly)

1 x Takex 180 degree

outdoor passive, including installation, wire and 10m conduit.

installed for only R 2750.00 Incl VAT

(Trenching & conduit will be quoted separatelly)

Only while stocks last

Dear valued Client

It is with utter disbelief that I draft this letter to our customers; another year of our lives has slipped by. On a personal note our family has experienced some wonderful highs and then again we, as a family have experienced death, injury and emotional trauma. It however is possibly the same for many other people in Kempton Park.

On behalf of the Directors of Alpha Security & Alarms we would like to bring you some good news to an otherwise financially difficult year. We have really had to think long and hard about our decision whether or not to increase the monthly rental.
There are a number of factors that we believe would “justify” and increase and these are well known by all of our customers, to mention the three fundamental ones that influence our business they are:

  • 1. The cost of labour, the unions and their central bargaining counsels put small enterprises like us under enormous pressure. We cannot “compete” with the International Companies of this world. They bring in their foreign currency and so for them to give their staff huge increases as determined by the union are just so much easier.
  • 2. The cost of motor vehicle products such as services, and parts not to mention the knock on effect of the labour costs, once again at the mercy of the all-powerful unions and the central bargaining counsel within the motor industry. It has become a philosophy of “pay” or we “strike”. It is an unfortunate fact of life that our vehicles travel huge numbers of kilometres per day, and to maintain then is crucial to response times.
  • 3. The petrol price is another major contributing factor to our overheads, and just as we are at the mercy of the unions so we find ourselves at the mercy of the foreign exchange rate. This is totally out of our hands and impossible to manage at a micro-management level as Alpha Security and many other company’s find themselves. Naturally we are aware of the e-toll negotiations that are currently taking place and the only real “alternative” to the e-toll is to add this cost to the petrol price. Once again there is nothing we can do about this process although it will have a profound effect on our business.

    That all said Piet, Eileen and I are of the opinion that our customers cannot “afford” another body blow for the December holiday. We have decided not, yes you read it right. We have decided NOT to increase your monthly rental and we shall do our very best to accommodate these costs into our budget next year.

    There are a number of implications to this and one and the most significant is that the directors and staff of Alpha Security & Alarms will not receive a salary increase. We believe that it will reflect our commitment to our loyal customers who have stayed with us over the years.

    From our side we request clients to make sure that the “unnecessary” responses otherwise known as “false alarms” are kept to an ABSOLUTE minimum. This will reflect a cost saving as currently we are experiencing a large number of these response calls. Where possible if you have inadvertently “triggered” the alarm please phone us to cancel the response otherwise our reaction officer risks his life and uses company resources on an otherwise fruitless exercise.

    Please help us to make the difference.

    We hope that this will make an economic contribution to each Alpha Security & Alarms customers household.

    Kind regards

    Steve Dalgety (Dr)

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