Control Centre

Thunder storms lightning

All security systems world wide operates on a 12 to 16 volt battery.
During thunder storms lightning sends a spike to the system that is much greater than what the battery can handle and subsequently triggers alarm signals throughout the area of the storm.

Controllers in the Control Centre have no option but to start at the top of the stack
of signals received. Signals vary from 200 to 300 signals per storm. All signals are regarded as a possible break-in. The Controllers also scrutinize the stack to attend to the panic signals first. Once again do they clear the queue by starting from the top of the stack. Kempton Park and surroundings are unfortunately prone for electrical storms.

Alpha Security & Alarms Control Centre

The Alpha Security Emergency Control Centre is manned by 2 controllers 24/7.
They are linked to all emergency services as well as a Chaplain for counseling purposes.
The main purpose of the Controllers is to chase response times to meet the demand from our client base.

There are two workstations on the workbench and a Satellite tracking system to locate and dispatch reaction vehicles.
One controller is responsible for radio communication to the vehicles and the other attends to the incoming and outgoing telephone calls.
Alpha Security complies with the SAIDSA By-Law 25 specifications and include a CCTV Monitor that enables the Controllers to monitor activities both in and outside the Control Centre.

Premises checks

Alpha does premises checks for our clients when they are away from home.
These checks get done once every 24 hrs and you as client decide if you would like the check to be done at day or at night.
You as client must furnish us with a key holder and a number that we can get hold of if there is anything wrong at your premises so that we can have the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Keys for premises

We at Alpha have keys for gates of some our clients to enable us to get into the premises and do a thorough check.
However the keys are time consuming and reduces the reaction time to get on to the premises as he has to first go through the holder of the keys to get the correct key code for premises.
In attempt to get quicker reaction times to resolve the key situation Alpha has introduced the lock key safe and digi pad which you as client can purchase and have installed at your premises which will enable our reaction team to be on your premises sooner.