Alpha Security Memorial Page

C5A sad day has come over all the Alpha staff, family and friends of a Response Officer. We lost a young, vibrant and willing Officer . A officer willing to fight against crime. He gave his life to the community of Kempton Park. Not only to feed his family but also to help and assist where he can in our constant battle against crime
He was shot for no reason. Nothing was taken, it was a senseless attack on two of our officer. Why murder a man with three children that is there to keep us safe and ensure that there is food on his table.
You will be missed. You were part of us and our cause. RIP our brother in arms.
Thank you to every one that visited the scene to give their condolences and offered help. ER24, SSS, CMS, AEA Security, the local CPF and the SAPS. Special thank you to Chaplain Koerie Britz for your help and understanding.
I am asking that anyone in the community that has any information on this brutal murder to please contact me. Lets not protect the people that did this.
Be safe.
Morne Le Grange










Richard Smit In loving memory of Richard Lawrence Smith.
Alpha Security morns the death of one of its sons
Who responded to a panic signal on the 10th of October 2009?
from a complex in Tulbach Street Glen Marais.
He was ambushed as he entered the premises and was shot at point blank killing one of our most loyal security officers who ever worked for the company.
We would like to convey our condolences to his wife Joey the children and family.

May you find closure and peace within knowing that the murderers will one day have to face the” highest Court” who shall judge them for the brutal murder they have executed.

Richard may you rest in peace, we salute you for whom and what you were.

The Alpha Team.



Jan Hendrik BoshoffIn loving memory of Jan Hendrik Boshoff
Alpha Security morns the death of a friend
You gave us seven years of your friendship and loyalty, your dedication and hard work will be missed.

We would like to convey our condolences to his family

May you find peace, knowing that there are no pain and suffering.

Rest in peace “Uncle Bossie”.

The Alpha Team.