Dear Alpha Security Client

I trust by now you are aware that Alpha Security & Alarms is dedicated to serving its clients, and to keep the same amount of vehicles doing active response and crime prevention in conjunction with other security forces.
The month of February 2018 has being a remarkable month of change in South Africa in more than one way. We have a new president and the main topic of discussion is that the Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaca has made a few fundamental changes in his budget speech.
During his budget speech he mentioned two factors that Alpha Security & Alarms needs to communicate to our faithful and loyal clients.
Firstly, the minister raised Value Added Tax (VAT) which was previously at 14% to be increased. He announced, and I quote;

“An increase in the value-added tax rate from 14% to 15%,”

Secondly, he mentioned that there will be additional fuel levy added to the fuel price, again I quote;

“A 52 cents per litre increase in the levies on fuel, made up of a 22 cents per litre for the general fuel levy and a 30 cents per litre increase in the Road Accident Fund Levy”

These announcements have repercussion for the company; you are all aware that an armed response company normally pays a large percentage of its income towards fuel to keep the vehicles patrolling in the areas, to do active crime prevention.

Due to these announcements Alpha Security & Alarms management and I had to take a hard look at the implications. Due to these unforeseen increases by the Minister, I had to make the decision to inform all of our clients that your monthly contribution will be adjusted to compensate for these announcements.

What does this mean? I endeavoured to keep it as simple as possible; the calculation of the 52c per litre of fuel was calculated as follows:

Average Litres of fuel used per month over the past 12 months = X
Total Alpha Security Clients = Y

(X x 52c) = R 1.41 Excluding VAT per client
Please note that from 1st April 2018 your monthly contribution will increase by R1.41 to pay for the fuel levy and then the addition of the 1% VAT.
For example: if you paid R350.00 monthly excluding VAT your new monthly premium will be R 350.00 + R1.41 (Fuel Levy) = R 351.41 + 15% VAT = R404.12.
Thank you for your continued loyal support.
Mornè Le Grange
General Manager

Another year has come to its end, 2017 has shown me that there is a road forward, although difficult at times, the road will always lead to success. During the past year we have lost a Reaction officer, had some very serious incidents, made very successful arrests, and had many medical calls. But we managed to get to the end of it all in good spirits and willing to take on 2018.

In the New Year Alpha Security have some new and exciting things that will change the way we see armed response, we will also be launching our brand new Alpha Security walk in customer service centre. We will keep you up to date as to progress.

To all the loyal and supporting community of Kempton Park, Alpha Security management, Staff and I would like to wish you a happy festive season and a wonderful and blessed 2018. Please be safe during this festive season and ensure to keep your eyes and ears open for any criminal activity, do not fall victim. May you come back safe and enjoy a wonderful 2018 with us.

Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year

Kind Regards

Mornè Le Grange

Minimum charge per cash deposit

Dear Alpha Security client

Minimum charge per cash deposit

Our previous communication to clients who pay cash at the office refers (this is available on our website at It appears that the bank views cash as a high risk commodity? We have included a transcript of a letter that we have received from our bank, ABSA with regards to cash deposits.

3 October 2016

Dear Client

At Absa, we continuously strive to ensure our products, services and solutions remain competitive in
order to meet your business’ unique requirements. To do this, we have to continuously revise our cost and product range.
We would like to give you advance notice that, as part of our annual pricing review in January 2017,
we will be implementing a minimum cash deposit fee of R30,00 per deposit for all cash deposits at
Absa branches. This arrangement will apply to all customers regardless of their current cash pricing
arrangement that make use of our branches to either collect funds from third parties or make cash
We realise that this impending change may have a substantial impact on how you collect from your
customers and therefore trust that this advance notice will afford you the opportunity to pro-actively
update your 2017 pricing to account for the additional cost. Alternatively, you may like to consider the
option of moving your customers to alternative channels such as debit orders or ATM deposits to
minimise the impact on your cost line.
If you wish to discuss alternative collection products or channels as part of the solutions we can offer
you, please contact your Relationship Executive or Cash Sales Specialist for assistance.
Thank you once again for choosing Absa as your banking partner.

Mark Labuschagne
Head: Cash and Cheque products

Unfortunately the business can no longer “absorb” these additional costs, we wish advise all those clients who pay by cash to either go on our bank debit order system or pay with an EFT to avoid an additional “cash levy” to be added to their account.
Those clients who continue to pay by cash will be levied the minimum cash deposit levy of R 30.00 additional to their monthly rental. Please note that this is a minimum and the amount is dependent on the value of cash being deposited.
Kind regards

Mornè Le Grange
General Manager

Cash Clients

Alpha Security & Alarms (Pty) Ltd
4a Cypress Street
Kempton Park
011 394 1880
9 February 2016

Dear Loyal Alpha Client

Over the past thirty years the world has changed and we had to adapt to that change. As you know business robbery is a reality and the main focus of business robbers are the Cash and electronic equipment kept at the premises.

As management of Alpha Security we must take into consideration the safety and security of our staff. Cash unfortunately is a high risk that might cost a staff member their lives.

For your and our safety we would appreciate it if you can either make use of our Debit order facility, or use an electronic transfer to deposit the money. You can also go directly to ABSA and deposit the money into the Alpha Security & Alarms bank account.

Account: 1199610445
Branch: 632005
Cheque account

Please use your account number, as printed on your invoice, as a reference.

We apologize if this is of any inconvenience to you, but we are sure that you will understand that safety comes first.

Thanking you for your loyal support

Mornè Le Grange
General Manager


DSC_0640Hi Geoff
After receiving a whatssapp on the edleen patrollers group that said “HELP HELP @ 147 Rienert” from a lady named “Ness”, Alpha Security officers Ephriam Boyama, Hannes Volschenk, Mornè Le Grange, and Dwaine Hanson responded immediately.

The first to arrive on scene (from Alpha) was Ephriam, he found members of the SAPS on scene, They informed him that there was a robbery and the direction the robbers fled to, Ephriam then gave chase and found one of the suspects in a veld across from the P91. According the members on scene the SAPS has already apprehended to other suspect.

A 15 Year old boy was hit in the face with a firearm and ER24 (Riette and Tyler) was called to the scene, They treated the 15 year old for shock and he was taken to arwyp hospital, The boy`s mother was also a victim and a diabetic, after being assessed by Geoff Boulton from ER24, She was taken home by Dwaine Hanson to collect her insulin as Geoff insisted on her not driving as the shock had caused her sugar to spike.

One of the suspects were positively identified by the young man and was removed from the scene, according to Dwaine, One of the robbers later admitted to the crime and said that he would take the saps to the remaining two suspects houses.
I would like to thank Riette and Tylor (When they are on duty of course), As they are always the first to respond to calls where Alpha Needs Medical Response, The above letter that I wrote to the Kempton Express is a testament to the positive and good relationship between Alpha Security & ER24.
Please note that I would personally and officially like to thank:
1. Eugenie
2. Dawn
3. Riaan
4. Francois
5. Martin
6. Marinda
7. Tylor
8. Riette
9. Byran
10. Maggie

All the staff mentioned and the ones not mentioned are of great help and I must say, Alpha Security is proud to be affiliated with ER24.




Dear valued Client

It is with utter disbelief that I draft this letter to our customers; another year of our lives has slipped by. On a personal note our family has experienced some wonderful highs and then again we, as a family have experienced death, injury and emotional trauma. It however is possibly the same for many other people in Kempton Park.

On behalf of the Directors of Alpha Security & Alarms we would like to bring you some good news to an otherwise financially difficult year. We have really had to think long and hard about our decision whether or not to increase the monthly rental.
There are a number of factors that we believe would “justify” and increase and these are well known by all of our customers, to mention the three fundamental ones that influence our business they are:

  • 1. The cost of labour, the unions and their central bargaining counsels put small enterprises like us under enormous pressure. We cannot “compete” with the International Companies of this world. They bring in their foreign currency and so for them to give their staff huge increases as determined by the union are just so much easier.
  • 2. The cost of motor vehicle products such as services, and parts not to mention the knock on effect of the labour costs, once again at the mercy of the all-powerful unions and the central bargaining counsel within the motor industry. It has become a philosophy of “pay” or we “strike”. It is an unfortunate fact of life that our vehicles travel huge numbers of kilometres per day, and to maintain then is crucial to response times.
  • 3. The petrol price is another major contributing factor to our overheads, and just as we are at the mercy of the unions so we find ourselves at the mercy of the foreign exchange rate. This is totally out of our hands and impossible to manage at a micro-management level as Alpha Security and many other company’s find themselves. Naturally we are aware of the e-toll negotiations that are currently taking place and the only real “alternative” to the e-toll is to add this cost to the petrol price. Once again there is nothing we can do about this process although it will have a profound effect on our business.

    That all said Piet, Eileen and I are of the opinion that our customers cannot “afford” another body blow for the December holiday. We have decided not, yes you read it right. We have decided NOT to increase your monthly rental and we shall do our very best to accommodate these costs into our budget next year.

    There are a number of implications to this and one and the most significant is that the directors and staff of Alpha Security & Alarms will not receive a salary increase. We believe that it will reflect our commitment to our loyal customers who have stayed with us over the years.

    From our side we request clients to make sure that the “unnecessary” responses otherwise known as “false alarms” are kept to an ABSOLUTE minimum. This will reflect a cost saving as currently we are experiencing a large number of these response calls. Where possible if you have inadvertently “triggered” the alarm please phone us to cancel the response otherwise our reaction officer risks his life and uses company resources on an otherwise fruitless exercise.

    Please help us to make the difference.

    We hope that this will make an economic contribution to each Alpha Security & Alarms customers household.

    Kind regards

    Steve Dalgety (Dr)